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Mahoney's Commodore 64 demos

Read about these C64 demos in the timeline. Download the complete .zip with them all: (filesize 47 MB)

Or, pick them one by one here:

Musik Run/Stop (not yet uploaded).

Monophono (not yet uploaded).

Fragment (not yet uploaded).

Storebror_by_Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson. (complete with source code, 17MB)

Princess in the kingdom of subpixels_- Mahoney. (without source code, 170kB)

Cubase64_by_Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson. (complete with source code, 11MB)

c64mp3_by_Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson. (complete with source code, 10MB) (complete with source code, 7MB) (complete with source code)

Mahoney & Kaktus - Skruv.d64
Mahoney & Kaktus - AlvestaSirap88.d64
Meeting demo -88/TRI.d64

All of these .d64-files are disk images of Commodore 64 floppy discs, and can be viewed on a PC with programs like Vice, Frodo or CCS64. I think I have managed to collect all the C64 demos I've ever made. If you think I am wrong, then please contact me. Well, I am missing "CCC Demo I", but I would be very surprised if this is still on an error-free floppy disk on this planet!

If you want to read the source code for the older c64 demos, I'll have to tell you that there was never any source code. The Commodore 64 had only 64kB of memory, so there would not be room for any large text files in memory at the same time as the demo itself. All these demos were made with a rom monitor called "Dismon", a 4kB disassembler that I relocated to different memory location depending on where there was room for it. All code was written directly into the correct memory location, and "relocating code" was done by hand. It wasn't easy being a programmer in 1985!


Mahoney's Commodore 64 music

I have also created some C64 music, and all of these are downloadable here. I will try to "date" them later... They are included in the complete_c64-collection above, or pick them one-by-one here:

Meeting demo.sid (only in the complete C64-collection above, guess I'm lazy now as well!)

All of these .sid-files can be played on a PC with programs like SidPlay, DeliPlayer or WinAmp (together with a SID-plugin). These files are also part of the excellent HVSC-collection of SID tunes, under "/various/M-R/Mahoney/".


Mahoney's Amiga Demos

These are the demo discs that I have found, so far... Download the complete collection here: (filesize 8,3 MB)

...or pick them up one-by-one here:

Love Data by Pex Mahoney
Mahoney & Kaktus - His Masters
Mahoney & Kaktus -
Mahoney & Kaktus -
Mahoney & Kaktus -
Mahoney & Kaktus -
Mahoney & Kaktus -
Mahoney & Kaktus -
NorthStar & Fairlight -
NorthStar -
MeGAkLoPpaRNa - Svå

I think I am lacking some of my demos from the Amiga500-era, but I don't know what that would be, really. Hmmm. If you know something that is missing, please contact me!

When using WinUAE for emulation, it is quite hard to recreate the Amiga as it was back in 1988. They have made a great emulator, and put a lot of time into it, but it will never be perfect. If you don't have the time, you will probably never get it to work. At the time of writing this, WinUAE is at version 0822R6. My hints for setting up WinUAE for the best emulation of Mahoney & Kaktus demos are:

RAM: 500kB Chipmem and 1MB slowmem. Nothing else.
ROM: Use the Amiga kickstart v1.2 rom.
CPU: 68000, more compatible, Match A500 speed.
Display: 800*600, don't correct aspect ratio, no centering, doubled line mode.
Chipset: OCS, Cycle exact CPU and Blitter, no collision level.
Sound: Enabled, 100% accurate. 44,1kHz mono.
Floppies: Use both DF0: and DF1: for His Master's Noise.
HardDrive: Disable. I never owned any harddrive for my Amiga500, so just disable it!

Although you've made every possible "right" configuration, you will not see the demos as they were supposed to be. There's nothing like the real thing, you know! And, you'll probably need a 4GHz PC with the above settings if you want the music to run without hiccups. If it's only the music you want to hear, make the display lo-res and turn all those knobs, and maybe you'll get it!


Mahoney's Amiga Music

Yes, I have a bunch of NoiseTracker-modules with music that I've done. Download the complete collection here: (filesize 6,0MB)

This zip file includes:

  • "Hobbyslakt" from the Bobby demo
  • "Defroster" from the Flummy demo
  • "Jobba" from the Funny demo
  • "Aase", "Abridge", "Allergitestad2", "Be with Mahoney", "Cecilia Lind", "Flight of Grud", "Fludent 0.25mg", "Gaffeltruck", "Gnällspik", "Gommoplask", "Heroplop", "Höstvisa", "Jobbig", "Just a game", "Kindermedley", "Lepeltheme", "Look around", "Look at Hubert", "Me done this too", "Peggy go home2", "Questioff", "Rallyemaster", "Regn och rusk", "Schampoo", "Skreckeksempel", "Slabba2", "Trubbel", "Wafflehour", "Wait for Andy", "Warm valley" and "Xtra2mat" from His Master's Noise
  • "Frogfriend" from the NitroPac demo
  • "Lightforce", which is a direct conversion of Rob Hubbard's C64 tune.
  • "Jazzid", "Vertical madness" and "Yumm's balljam" from the NoiseTracker v1.1 release
  • "Blue damage", "Falconstruck", "Golvmopp", "Gommolassmot III", "Infinite work" and "Peggy go home" from the NoiseTracker v2.0 release
  • "Heropop" from the NoiseTracker v2.0 demo
  • "64'er", "Basketjoddel", "Dreamdog", "Exchange", "Fainter", "Filt", "Greetingscastle", "Home on the bench", "Northstack", "Polkagris", "Qb", "Reptilum", "Symphonetic", "Symphony -89", "Teddy" and "The journey" from Sounds of Gnome
  • "Vertical madness" from an AtariST demo made by Sync
  • ...and also the following "unreleased" modules: "Aase", "Bottlehero", "Froggin' mixer", "Grab them all", "Grytlock", "Hur djupt e djupt", "Night-ball", "Rather hippo", "Wait for Andy", "Vertical madness II", "Who is serial" and "Who is serial II".

Note that some of the modules will have bugs in the playback with all known PC module players. This is due to that in many demos where I synced events in the demo with the music, I used commands that these newer PC module players erroneously interpret as "newer-version-trackers commands". Which they aren't.

Most modules from His Master's Noise uses special chip-sounds or fine-tuning of samples that never was a part of the standard NoiseTracker v2.0 command set. So if you want to listen to them correctly use an Amiga emulator and run the demo! DeliPlayer does a good job of playing them (there are some occasional error mostly concerning vibrato and portamento effects, but I can live with that!), and it can be downloaded from

I know that some of my modules from various demos are not in the zip-file above. I guess I'll have to extract them from my demos to include them here. But before that's done, I kindly ask you to emulate the demo when you want to listen to it. This includes these songs:

By request from jfsebastian: If you want to get hold of all of the tunes from His Master's Noise, and not only the ones I created, then you should complete your collection by downloading this zip file: - Use Deliplayer to listen to them.


Mahoney's Amiga Source Code disks

I will try to locate and dust off some of my old disks. This is how far I've come today: - The development floppy for His Master's NoiseTracker. I used AsmOne for assembling it. - Some source code files I've found. This zip file includes:

  • HallonBoot v1.5-v2.0e
  • His Master's Noise loader+demo+resetpart+tracker
  • NoiseTracker20
  • NoiseTracker20demo
  • NoiseTracker20images
  • SoundsOfGnome
  • SoundsOfGnome, musicians disk
  • Funny
  • Blue
  • A "transfer screenshots from AtariST to Amiga500 with a Midi-cable" program I made with full source code.
  • ...and a lot of "unreleased" material, like "Balls", "Rotat", "Vreng" and "Zlobby".

I'll be adding files here when I find them!


Mahoney's Nintendo 64 demo

Download the demo here: (740kB)

Emulators for the Nintendo64 includes "project64 v1.5" and "mupen v0.31", but none of them are able to correctly emulate the demo. You'll have to use a "Doctor64jr" cartridge emulator inserted into the parallell port of the PC and also into a real Nintendo64 game console.


Mahoney's Vectrex demo

Download the demo here: very_vectight_by_Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson (10kB)

For the best experience, get a flash cartridge for your Vectrex and use the binary above. Or, IMHO, the currently best emulator for the Vectrex game console is the ParaJVE. Search the net, you'll find it!


Mahoney's NES music

There are lots of emulators of the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. You can download the files that can be run in a NES-emulator or with the real thing here. This zip file includes the Blue Damage song.



Mahoney's win32 demos

Download the demos here: (560kB with source code). (780kB with source code).

Mahoney's hardware projects

I've also made some fun projects by custom built hardware. Download one of them here:
PexTufvesson - This was a robot running on the floor at approximately 5cm/second, that would avoid running into walls and furniture, while following light or darkness. It could also be controlled with a VCR remote control, and a port of the Commodore 64 game "Dare Devil Dennis" could be played on a 2*20 character graphical display using the remote control while the robot is moving by itself!


The "Musik fram till nu" CD 1992-1997

This CD was released in 1997, and contains music that I made during the years 1992-1997.

Track number 02 "Teknologlåt" is the most interesting. This is a dance track about how wonderful life is at "LTH", Lund Institute of Technology. It was played frequently at the student pub "Lophtet" as parts of celebrating a successful exam (or drowning the memories of a failure with beer!). The rapping is done by Anette Kiss and Pex. The lead singing is done by Anja Morell. It was recorded in the studio "köket" in Staffanstorp, Sweden, 1994.

The booklet and cover was drawn by me with 4 ballpoint pen - green, red, blue and black. Download the cover images for printing: booklet and inlay (1MB each)

You can download (almost) all of the tracks here:

01. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - His Masters Noise intro.mp3
02. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Teknolog.mp3
03. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Polhems Getar.mp3
04. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Dig jag vill åt.mp3
05. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Husmask med drömmar.mp3
06. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Miranda flyger.mp3
07. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Markimenia.mp3
08. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Wafflehour.mp3
09. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Solorama.mp3
10. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Di7Migorna.mp3
11. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Gnuttens lekstuga.mp3
13. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - DigDug.mp3
14. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Skreckeksempel.mp3
15. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Saker man hoppas på.mp3
16. Mahoney - Spellbound (the 1994 remix).mp3
17. Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Svansfladder.mp3

The reason for tune number 12 to be missing is that this is the Commodore 64 tune "Flight path 747" by David Dunn. The only thing I did was record it and add a little reverb to it! I hope that's ok with you!


Mahoney's Commodore 64 game music remixes

All these files are in mp3-format, approximately 3-6 MB each.

all-time chart
position (varies)
Download links to Mirror links
Markus Schneider & Mahoney - Sweet (feat. Elsa & Karin).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Armageddon Man (Vocal Jazz feat. Karin Öjehagen).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Rambo and Bombo on Impossible Mission (unplugged).mp3 alternative download link
O2 & Mahoney & Marcel - C64 Comic Bakery (feat. Hanna Kappelin & Morpheus).mp3 download link
Trace & Mahoney - Task III (Hum along with the task).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Ground (the fika mix).mp3 download link
Mahoney - Spellbound - Swing mix v2.mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - BoulderDash (Commodore 69 mix).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Rhaa Lovely II (Mr Jones at the P-Machinery).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - M.U.L.E (Aerobics in the jungle mix).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Robocop 3 (Gonna get you mad mix).mp3 download link
Mahoney - Mermaid Madness (a cappella feat. Visa Röster).mp3 download link
Mahoney - Spellbound (the 1994 remix).mp3 download link
Mahoney - Lightforce (Motorhead-mix à la Ollas).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Miss ParkPatrol takes a Break (feat.Elsa Persson).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Black Lamp subtune 3 (Vocal Quartet).mp3 alternative download link

Mahoney - Shamus Case II (a capella mix).mp3

alternative download link
Rauli & Mahoney - Biggles (fly with your brain propeller).mp3 alternative download link

Mahoney - Black Lamp subtune 1 (codename whistler).mp3

alternative download link
Mahoney - Sanxion (Spandau Ballet mix).mp3 alternative download link
Mahoney - Dark Tower (Oktoberfest mix).mp3 alternative download link


Mahoney's Music Videos

Mahoney.c64.org_-_Boulderdash_video.wmv - animated by Johan Rijpma.


Mahoney's SLAY Radio show

Download the complete 1-hour show here: SLAY radio - Pex 'Mahoney' - a special show for you.mp3 - Note that this file is huge (56 MB), so please have some patience while downloading!

The show is featuring interviews with Karin Öjehagen and Elsa Persson. It also features live a cappella music, live jingles and a lot of remixes of computer music. The show was broadcast on Slay Radio on the 9th of March 2004 CET 19:00-20:00.

More information about SLAY radio can be found at


Mahoney's other music projects

Here are two short tunes from 1998, in mp3-format:
Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Wait.mp3 - featuring Commodore64 speech synthesis, this is a sketch of a dance hit to be.
Pex Mahoney Tufvesson - Flyggo.mp3 - featuring a live grand piano played by Andreas Nilsson.

If you have nowhere else to go, visit some of my other webpages:
There's Danish ordsprog, Norwegian ordtak and Swedish ordspråk - my personal proverb collection.
Visa Röster - Swedish jazz and folk music: (in both English and Swedish)
Sjönhet - contemporary Swedish a cappella: (in Swedish only)

I'm also the webmaster of a site about Mental Träning and Mindfullness (in Swedish only), and this site about Helena Ejeson, a Swedish tennis player. And just recently, my search engine for Swedish Christmas rhymes is complete: Julrim.