First of all, I wish to thank those people that helped me collecting all my old stuff:

Peter "Yodelking" Sandén, ripped my SID-tunes, and collected most of my C64-demos!
Lars "Gluemaster" Malmborg, transferred most of my Amiga500-disks.

John "Ziphoid" Carehag, for the webspace of these pages (and for those 50 Maxell floppy disks so greatfully needed when I was doing His Master's Noise) - thank you!

Melina Tufvesson, my wife. I love you!

Kent "Trace" Walden, for making the "Task III"-remix together!
Rauli, for making the "Biggles"-remix together!

Karin Öjehagen, for singing in my "Armageddon man", "Task III" and "Sweet" -remix.
Sofia Åberg, for singing in my "Task III"-remix.
Hanna Kappelin, for singing in my "Task III" and "Comic Bakery" -remix.
Elsa Persson, for singing in my "Ms ParkPatrol takes a Break"-remix, and in the "Sweet"-remix.

Andreas Wallström - nice meeting you at BitLive in Brighton! You are a rockstar - didn't you know that already?
Larsec - So relaxed and such a nice person. Nice talking to you!
Slaygon - I missed you in the breakdance competition at BitLive!
Makke - I didn't know you were such an expert rapper, but now I do!
Theo Engell-Nielsen - well done. Hybris/Nemesis and Press Play on Tape, I'm deeply impressed!
Soren Trautner Madsen - you'll get your danish ö as soon as I find it!
André Tischer Poulsen - I've never seen a happier keyboard player on stage!
Max Levin - Nice that you made it to Brighton!
Markus Schneider - Nice chatting with you at BitLive in Brighton! You do it so well, so well!

...and this is just the beginning. Patience, my friend, and there will be more!

/Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson

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