Live news from the internet on Commodore 64:


Lund, Sweden, June 2019

This web page is written to help you understand how the internet news reader "Nyheter" was implemented on the Commodore 64 platform. All the files needed can be found in

There is very little information here right now, and that's due to me not touching any computers this summer. Stay tuned and I'll fill this space with text later on.

The short version to get everything up and running is:
* A Commodore 64
* A joystick or a Commodore 1351 mouse - or an AmigaKit Micro-mys ps2->DSUB9 adapter with a ps2 mouse
* An EasyFlash 3 cartridge
* A USB cable from the EasyFlash 3 cartridge to a Mac computer
* install the "brew" software on your mac
* use brew to install USB drivers on your mac, just the same way as you'd do to use your EasyFlash 3 cartridge

Insert the Commodore 1351 mouse into port 2 of your C64
Insert the joystick into port 1 of your C64
Turn off and on the power to your C64, to make sure that any Micro-mys adapter can detect which hardware it's connected to.
Program any slot of your EasyFlash 3 cartridge with the bootloader/bootloader.crt file.
Start your C64 with the EasyFlash3 cartridge inserted, start the bootloader you just programmed.
When your C64 screen tells you to, run the command line program demo/nyheter_proxy.s
...and you're good to go!

With Nyheter on your Commodore 64 you can read online news from:

* Aftonbladet
* Svenska Dagbladet
* VG
* Aftenposten

You can see the latest 24 headlines from each newspaper, the full articles with images.

All files complete with the full source code, are included in the zip file
Some of the tools used are dasm, Pixcen and prg-to-crt tool.
This Nyheter-program won the "Wild demo" competition at Gubbdata 2019 in Lund, Sweden.

Code: Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson
Idea: John "Ziphoid" Carehag
Graphics: Carl "Grip" Svensson
Music: Figge "Fegolhuzz" Wulff Wasberger and John "Ziphoid" Carehag
Mouse driver: Andreas "JackAsser" Larsson

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