Pex's PhD

Information here is deliberately sparse, but there's plenty of information in these videos:


I held a 17-minute online presentation on "What song am I thinking of? Music imagery classification using EEG", and the current state of my research.
What_song_am_I_thinking_of_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 332MB A:10/10 V:10/10


I held a 10-minute presentation on "Music Imagery and EEG", and the current state of my research.
Music_Imagery_and_EEG_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 140MB recorded from an online meeting. Last 30 seconds of the recording got lost due to a 10-minute limit in the phone used to record it. A:9/10 V:8/10


Johanna Wilroth's Masters Thesis titled Domain Adaptation for Attention Steering was elected "Best Master's Thesis 2020" at LTH.
From the Acknowledgements section: "I am also very grateful for the insight in the dataset provided by Pex Tufvesson, which completely got me back on track and contributed to an understanding of the results."


I held a 100-minute presentation and discussion for PhD students at Lund University in Swedish on "Natural Languange Processing with Recurrent Neural Networks and Attention".
Natural_Language_Processing_with_RNN_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 384MB recorded from an online meeting. A:10/10 V:10/10


I held a 60-minute presentation for PhD students at Lund University on "Sharpening the real-time EEG tools".
Sharpening_the_real-time_EEG_tools_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 350MB with almost useless quality. A:3/10 V:2/10


I held a 25-minute presentation online for Ericsson Research on "the EEG signal path", with an update on my current research.
EEG_signal_path_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 450MB A:10/10 V:10/10


I held a 45-minute presentation with 15 minutes of chat-questions for ~70 invited "non-technical" Ericsson people.
Brain-Computer_Interfaces_-_its_easy_right_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 1.0GB A:10/10 V:10/10


I held a 45-minute presentation in front of ~100 people at an Ericsson Research online all-employee-meeting about the basics of BCI and why it's happening now.
BCI_and_why_its_happening_now_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 572MB A:10/10 V:9/10
Note: To fix audio sync, skip a few seconds at the start in your video player. Doing lossless "crop compressed video and compressed audio" simultaneously breaks stuff, appearantly.


I held a 45-minute presentation in front of ~30 people at Ericsson Research and Ericsson patent department in Lund about the basics of BCI and why I'm interested in it.
Brain-Computer_Interfaces_whats_in_it_for_Ericsson_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 593MB A:7/10 V:9/10


A three minute interview on "Energy Efficient ML for AR glasses", from Ericsson Research Days in 2019.
Energy_efficient_ML_for_AR_glasses_-_Pex_Tufvesson.mp4 98MB A:9/10 V:10/10


Enjoy! / Pex Tufvesson