Concert Photos and Videos

Here are just a few photos and video clips from our concerts.

Sälen, Sweden

We went skiing in Sälen, Sweden. The 1,5 hours concert was held on the 16th of March 2006.

Karin, Sofia, Hanna, Johannes, Elsa and Pex singing "Tryggare kan ingen vara", a Swedish hymn.

Our lovely audience. Half of it, at least!

... and the other half!

We spent a few wonderful days downhill skiing!

S:t Luke's, London, UK

Let us tell you about Back in Time Live, London, September 2004.

Hanna and Pex getting on the airplane to London.

Quick rehersals in Hyde Park the day before the concert. There's a lot of grass there!

This is St Luke's church, the concert place for the evening. Seems like an ordinary church on the outside, but really surprising on the inside. Nice place, great acoustics and well... the perfect place for an a cappella performace. But, then again, which place isn't?

... inside of this building, a high tech concert hall with more gadgets than you ever can imagine!

Karin, Elsa, Melina (our stage coordinator) and Sofia warming up.

A cappella and electrical guitars? Yes, that's right. We actually got Ben Daglish (former Commdore 64 game music hero) to play the guitar together with us. There's a short video clip of us singing "Spy vs. Spy" - watch it by clicking here (3MB avi-file, thanks to hydras for this one)

Singing "Human Race, subtune 4". There's a short video clip of this one, captured by Feekzoid and his digital camera. Click here to view it (500kB wmv-file, Windows Media Video).

Hanna Kappelin, singing Comic Bakery.

The fight is about to begin. Singing songs from the legendary computer game "International Karate" cannot possibly be done without a fight. Watch the video by clicking here (a 700kB wmv-file, Windows Media Video - thanks to Feekzoid for this).

Signing autographs, that was a great part of it all. I think it took some 45 minutes before everybody got what they wanted - and we sold every CD that we managed to bring to the UK. If you didn't get yours, you can order it by clicking here.

Thank you, everybody visiting the BitLive concert in London on the 11th of September 2004. Your reactions to our show were overwhelming, and we simply just love you all! / Visa Röster

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