Members in Visa Röster

Name: Sofia Åberg
Born: June 1979
Performs: feather light soprano

Chooses "Party Pat" as her alias, if she has to.

Name: Karin Öjehagen
Born: January 1979
Performs: crystal clear soprano

Karin is mostly known on the Internet by her singing on "Armageddon Man", which was elected as the "Most Innovative C64-Remix 2002", and tens of thousands of people have downloaded and enjoyed her singing! She also appears with a stunning performance on "Sweet", an orchestral piece by Markus Schneider.

Name: Hanna Kappelin
Born: May 1980
Performs: soothing soprano

Hanna is mostly known on the Internet as the folk-lore voice on "Comic Bakery", a remix made by Carsten "O2" Ohlsson.

Name: Elsa Persson
Born: November 1977
Performs: swinging alto, press contact

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! Chooses Papergirl as her alias.

Name: Pex Tufvesson
Born: i Lund under bensinransoneringens tid, januari 1974
Performs: pacekeeping tenor, sound engineer

Pex is a hacker, but he's nice anyway! He was a member and sound engineer of "the best Norwegian vocal ensemble 1998-1999" as voted in the Norwegian choir Championships. Otherwise, there's nothing wrong with him! ...erm, he's a vivid collector of Danish ordsprog, Norwegian ordtak and Swedish ordspråk and julrim - his personal proverb collection.

Name: Johannes Lindén
Born: december 1979
Performs: bullseye bass

Johannes has his roots in Lund's student shows, but nobody can explain where this light guy gets all his deep bassnotes from!

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