this and welcome to my collection of old "demos" and other "creative outbursts" that I've done throughout the years. With this page, I want to give you the opportunity to cure sudden attacks of nostalgia!

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This is art, using technology

The demoscene is a worldwide non-commercial network of creative minds involved in the making of so called 'demos'.

A demo is a way to demonstrate your abilities in programming (that's the coding part), music and graphics. It is a kind of non-interactive multimedia presentation, the difference with a classical animation being that the display of a demo is computed in real time (like people performing a play compared to showing a movie), making computing power considerations the biggest challenge. A great demo shows what kind of graphic and sound effects can really be done by using a specific computer hardware to its full potential.

People who have never seen computer demos or who don't understand the creation process behind demos, often find computer demos quite boring. Computer demos are made for other other people interested in demos. Demo makers continue to push themselves to the limits of their abilities by making these short demos to this day.

This is not an easy concept to grasp for an outsider, but please browse through my timeline, and I think you'll get it eventually!

Recent changes

1st of July 2019: Added Nyheter demo that won the Gubbdata wild competition at Gubbdata in Lund, Sweden.

7th of August 2018: Added my presentations and interviews I've done lately - talking with Chris Hülsbeck about his works, and presenting a mock competition between two music disks. And some music for AtariST. Check out the timeline, because it's all there!

18th of March 2017: Added a whole bunch of stuff I've done during the last three years: Belong, Concert/Performers, Bee Together, The story of NoiseTracker, the Illustrated Evolution of 3D graphics, among others. Check out the timeline, because it's all there!

30th of April 2014: Added a the "Very vectight" demo I made on the Vectrex platform.

24th of February 2014: Added a YouTube-link to the Musik Run/Stop demo, released in Gothenburg on the 15th of February 2014. The first 44.1kHz 8-bit sample playing on the Commodore 64.

27th of November 2013: Added a link to my winning song at Datastorm 2013 "Monophono". Added loads of YouTube links to freshen up the timeline! Replaced the faulty copy of Northstar & Fairlight's MegaDemo III with a fixed one, thanks to Sascha / BoingBall.

15th of August 2011: Added the Storebror demo, complete with source code, and the demo "Princess in the Kingdom of Subpixels". They are in the timeline and the download section.

9th of December 2010: Added the really old "Zounddemo V", which was done by me in late 1986. Great thanks to "cba" for his restless search for my missing stuff! :-D

2nd of October 2010: Added the Cubase64 demo released at X'2010 in the Netherlands. These audio effects are used: Time stretch, vocoder, auto-tune, sub bass, equalizer, echo, grungelizer, tube distortion, compressor, dithering and master gain. On a Commodore 64, real-time. Frequency range 20-15000Hz.

6th of February 2010: Added the releases from the Datastorm event in Gothenburg. This includes an mp3-player for Commodore 64, and a cute bootblock called Love Data, for Amiga 500.

12th of May 2008: Added one of my very first demos "Zounddemo II" from 1986. It was found by CBA of The Ruling Company, thank you very much! It's all the way down at the bottom of the timeline page, and on the download page under Mahoney's Commodore 64 demos.

14th of October 2006: Added the Hitman 2 photo and two Commodore 64 remixes. Added the Lightforce module that I did together with John "Ziphoid" Carehag way back in 1990 or something like that. Added photos of ABC-80. Added Corey's NES conversion of my Blue Damage module. Added screenshots from the Finnish commercial that I did the music for.

3rd of March 2006: Added the music video for my Boulderdash (Commodore 69 mix). It's in the timeline and downloads!

18th of February 2006: Added my Commodore 64-demo "Exit" to the timeline and the download section.

7th of November 2005: The Commodore 64 tribute album "READY. Vocally too" is completed, and some information about it is added to the timeline. This CD could be named "Mahoney's second Commodore 64 Remix-CD", but since all of the tracks features vocals by my friends in Visa Röster, the CD is named after them! Order your copy from Visa Röster's homepage.

15th of December: Added link to my Swedish proverb site. - go there: ordspråk, citat and talesätt!

30th of September: The *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally CD is completed, and some information about it is added to the timeline. This CD could be named "Mahoney's first Commodore 64 Remix-CD", but since all of the tracks features vocals by my friends in Visa Röster, the CD is named after them! Order your copy from Visa Röster's homepage.

23rd of August 2004: Added images of Visa Röster's CD "Vokalmusik på Svenska", and the upcoming CD *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally. You'll find them in the timeline.

26th of May 2004: Added printable versions of cover images for "Musik fram till nu". Requested by Vosla, I hope you enjoy them!

5th of May 2004: Added the complete "Musik fram till nu" CD available for download. It's in the download section. Also added two tunes from 1998, "Wait" and "Flyggo".

25th of April 2004: Added download links for the SLAY Radio show, and mirrors for all my C64-Remixes. They are all in the download section.

15th of April 2004: Changed all the Amiga modules from His Master's Noise to be compatible with DeliPlayer. This is the first player for win32 to include all the special commands in the tunes, the chip-sounds and everything. Download the from the download page, and grab a newer version of DeliPlayer (v2.0 or later) from Also, get the updated version of

Added links to Visa Röster, Sjönhet, Mental Träning and Helena Ejeson. Added links to Danish ordsprog, Norwegian ordtak and Swedish ordspråk. And to the Julrim page as well.

10th of March 2004: Added information on the Radio Show I made for Slay Radio.

2nd of March 2004: Added a photo on my pile of "fan mail", take a look at it in the timeline!

17th of February 2004: Released the C64-remix "Sweet", a joint effort with Markus Schneider. It's in the timeline and the downloads section!

11th of December 2003: On request from jfsebastian, I added the non-Mahoney-modules in His Master's Noise to the timeline and the downloads section. Goto "Mahoney's Amiga music" in the download page to download them.

3rd of December 2003: Added two "nowhere-on-the-net" mp3s. These are Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson_-_Dig_jag_vill_at.mp3 and Pex_Mahoney_Tufvesson_-_Teknologlat.mp3 two songs from 1994. More about them in the timeline!

27th of October 2003: Added another 44 screenshots from my old Commodore 64 demos. Added a newly found demo of mine "Meeting demo -88", which I made for the group Triumph on Commodore 64 in 1988. It features a nice sid-tune made by me, and some simple scrollers with a lot of text! It's in the timeline and download section.

9th of October 2003: Added the module "Hobbyslakt" from the Bobby Amiga500-demo. It's in the complete mod-collection on the download page!

6th of October 2003: Added a few more source codes that I got from gluemaster, "Blue" and "Funny" are the major ones. And added some newly found Amiga modules. They are all in the downloads section!

1st of October 2003: Added the "Svårsaltade Chips" demo disk to the Amiga Demo downloads!

22nd of September 2003: Added an interview for Andreas Wallström, c64hq. You'll find it in the timeline! Also added two CD's I've done and the "Marvin" project. You'll find them...!

19th of September 2003: Added the modules from His Master's Noise to the download section!

18th of September 2003: Now you'll find the source code of NoiseTracker v2.0, His Master's Noise and Sounds of Gnome in the downloads section! Also, I've found a number of unreleased modules I've done, and you'll find all of them in the downloads section!

17th of September 2003: Added the Amiga500 source code of "His Master's NoiseTracker", the special music program used for making songs to His Master's Noise, Mahoney & Kaktus musicdisk 5. Also the source code for all other parts of His Master's Noise, and the NoiseTracker20demo.

13th of August 2003: This site was created. Up until then, the treasures you'll find here were buried on floppy disks on the verge of breakdown, barely readable.

Now, click on a link on the right side... or just click here. And have a nice day and a noise night! / Pex "Mahoney" Tufvesson