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What is Visa Röster?

Visa Röster is a Swedish vocal ensemble singing computer music, hymns and jazz - a cappella. Three CDs and a DVD from our successful concert in London.

Visa Röster performs a cappella, voices only, no instruments. Music has never been more comfortable! Swinging arrangements and jazzy arrangements performed in a professional way. And it sounds so good!

The name "Visa Röster" is Swedish (our main audience is Swedish), and translated it would be "Show Voices", where "visa" actually means "show", "tune" and "enlightened" at the same time. It's pretty hard to translate it, so we decided not to! We're living in the South of Sweden, in the cities of Malmö and Lund.

A Cappella Video "Formula1Simulator Live"

Visa Röster directly from Copenhagen Retro Concert and the Night of Culture in Lund, Sweden:

Watch directly at YouTube or download the video yourself here: Visa Röster - Formula1Simulator Live.avi (28 MB - length 03:55) Now in full widescreen 16:9.

Visa Röster video
Visa Röster International Karate photo

Live video "Commodore_64_a_cappella"

Watch the video of Visa Röster performing International Karate Live on stage in London.

Watch directly at YouTube or download the video yourself here: Commodore_64_a_cappella.avi (25 MB - duration 04:30)

"Bizarre, but beautiful!" was the comment by original author and computer game music legend Rob Hubbard.

Visa Röster on iPhone

Yes, it's true. Visa Röster has made the music for the upcoming iPhone game "iMule". Release date will be in Autumn / Winter 2009.

Visa Röster on Swedish TV

Visa Röster performed an acappella medley of Nintendo Wii songs in the show "Bobster/Rampljuset". The clip has been aired a couple of times in October 2008 and February 2009.

Visa Röster video

Visa Röster video

Visa Röster video

Concert in Lund, Sweden

Visa Röster performed in Stadshallen, Lund, Sweden on the 23rd of September 2006, "Swedish hymns vs. Commodore 64". This show was part of "kulturnatten" (a night of culture), a yearly tradition in Lund. All the 400 seats in the main concert hall were taken! More information (in Swedish) here.

Visa Röster in Italy

Visa Röster made a trip to Italy between the 7th and the 14th of October 2006, singing Swedish folk music. We performed in eight different cities in Italy, among them Torino, Milano, Verona and Venezia.

Visa Röster on Swedish radio

Visa Röster were guests in Swedish national radio P4 in the program "Kulturriket" (translated: The country of culture) on Sunday the 6th of August 2006. The program featured a 15-minute interview about Visa Röster. You can listen to the complete interview here (the interview is in Swedish)

Visa Röster on Danish Radio

Visa Röster sang two Christmas carols and three game music songs a cappella in a show broadcast on the 24th and 25th of December 2005. The broadcast was on Danish national radio P1 in the program Harddisken. You can listen to the complete show here. We made an interview about how Visa Röster started and why we do the things we do. Photograph: Jens Johan Schwarzer.

Visa Röster in Radiohuset, Denmark

Visa Röster on Swedish TV

Visa Röster made a very short appearance on Swedish national TV on the 5th of December 2005. We sang together with computer music legend Ben Daglish and his band Stuck-in-the-80'ies. The TV show is called "Kontroll", and featured a report on musicians that are into Retro music.

Our 4th CD: READY. Vocally too

Yes, it IS true. Visa Röster has released their fourth album "READY. Vocally too". It is the sequel of the much appreciated "*** Commodore 64 *** Vocally", and the release party was held in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen Retro Concert (read more below).


This is THE album for you retro music fans. With 18 well-known Commodore 64 game tunes, almost 70 minutes of a cappella and vocal glory. If you've ever played games such as Commando, Bomb Jack, Delta, Rambo, Wizball, M.U.L.E., Thrust, Roland's Rat Race, Caverns of Khafka, Formula 1 Simulator, Fairlight, Zoids, Thanatos or Last Ninja 3 - then this CD is for you.

With the help of award-winning remixers Makke, Larsec, Sumppi, DHS, O2 and Mahoney, not only the a cappella parts of the album but also the second half with vocals and instruments is candy for your ears.


You can order it on the Order CD page.

Some previous concerts

Copenhagen, the 5th of November 2005. We were participating in "Copenhagen Retro Concert" - singing computer game music!

I want to listen to you!

Here are some 30-seconds sound clips from our CD "Vokalmusik på svenska":

The CD contains 17 tracks, almost an hour of comfortable a cappella singing! We'll happily send you the CD for a small amount of money. Please order on the Order CD page. This CD cannot be bought in any music store.

Beware that this CD contains singing for real. 90% of all newly produced music uses autotune, a mathematical algorithm for tuning voices with a computer to make it sound better-than-live. There are no such artificial robotic-voices on this CD, what you hear is not autotuned! More information of which songs are on the CD, you can find on this page The tunes.

We have a guest book as well, klick here to view it: The Guestbook

The latest greeting:

Are there more CDs?

Yes, just before our live concert in London, we completed the CD *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally, computer game music from 1984-1991, a cappella.

"The best Commodore 64-remix CD in the World" according to the visitors at in a voting with 11 other commercial CDs. (2005)

A CD filled with lovely a cappella music, computer game music from 1984-1991. A rather amusing project, which we think you're going to like! Computers back then could only manage to play three notes at the same time, forcing composers to focus on melody, structure and flow - something that many people think is lacking in today's modern music! If you want a copy, order it here.

Here are some 30-seconds sound clips from our CD *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally:

And, for your entertainment, a complete song from the CD *** Commodore 64 *** Vocally:

What do you look like, honestly?

Sofia Åberg, feather light soprano

Karin Öjehagen, crystal clear soprano

Hanna Kappelin, soothing soprano

Elsa Persson, swinging alto

Pex Tufvesson, pacekeeping tenor

Johannes Lindén, bullseye bass

More information about us you'll find in The Members page!

Contact us

You can contact Visa Röster by sending an email to visa(at)

Thanks for visiting, you're welcome back anytime! / Visa Röster

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